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Defenders Q&A: Can you intake too much carbon dioxide from wearing a mask?

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AUSTIN, Texas — We know there's a lot to take in about the coronavirus crisis. That's why the KVUE Defenders are taking your questions every night.

Question: With TWC requiring job searches starting July 6, does that include furloughed workers?

Answer: The Texas Workforce Commission says very few exceptions apply. But that does include people who are temporarily laid off or furloughed with a definite return-to-work date, as well as those on a shared work plan and anyone participating in commission-approved training. People who are self-employed and taking steps to reopen their businesses also do not need to complete the work search requirement.

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Question: Can someone get too much CO2, or carbon dioxide, in their system from wearing masks too much?

Answer: No. The World Health Organization says the prolonged use of medical masks to protect against the spread of COVID-19 doesn't cause CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency. Just remember to make sure your mask fits properly and allows you to breathe normally. Also, don't reuse disposable masks, wash cloth masks frequently and always change out your mask if there is any moisture in it.

Question: Do we know yet if there is going to be a second round of stimulus payments?

Answer: We don't know yet. Lawmakers are still discussing it, as well as the amount of money involved, but they haven't reached an agreement. There hasn't been a date set for Congress to vote on this either, but it will likely be toward the end of July. Congress has a two-week recess starting on July 3.

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