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COVID causes multiple games to be canceled for UA Little Rock basketball

The director of athletics said the toughest part has been trying to figure out when they'll play and when they won't... sometimes not even knowing until the day of.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — This latest surge in cases has taken a toll on sports across our area at the high school and college levels. UA Little Rock's men and women's basketball teams have both had to cancel games recently. 

“For men's, we’ve missed four conference games and one non-conference game, I believe. For women's, we’ve missed four conference games and three non-conference games," said George Lee, the director of athletics at the school.

He said the season's been tough. 

The toughest part is trying to figure out when they'll be able to play and not play. Lee said the teams won't know sometimes until the day of or the day before whether they'll be able play or not.

It depends on when athletes are tested.

“This year’s really been more difficult than last year," said Lee. 

Those canceled games won't be rescheduled. 

The division one teams bring in high revenue for the school. Lee said anywhere between $20-30,000 per game. He added that the number one concern is safety and following proper protocol.

“We didn’t go exactly by the CDC guidelines. We kind of added a little more to them. So where we’re at is if you test positive, you have to go into isolation for 5 days, and then at that point on day 6 or day 7, you can practice if you don’t have symptoms, but you can’t play in a game until day 8," said Lee.

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