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5NEWS Fit: Autumn Workouts

It’s the last weekend for Fall colors in Northwest Arkansas and we’re hitting the trails at Devil’s Den for a core body workout while embracin...

It's the last weekend for Fall colors in Northwest Arkansas and we're hitting the trails at Devil's Den for a core body workout while embracing the colorful scenery.

Grab your bike and your helmet for a day with nature and morning anchor Heather Lewis in this 5NEWS Fit Segment.

"There are many great ways to experience the park and work on your physical fitness," said park interpreter Rebekah Penny.

It's a gym right in our own backyard. Many of us know Devil's Den State Park as a weekend destination. It's a chance to take in nature, but also a secret spot for a great workout.

You can get your heart rate pumping by hiking, but if you're up for a challenge, how about this?

"Mountain biking is another way to get out and explore the park," said Penny. "It offers wonderful exercise, not only working your legs, but your core as well, as well as your upper body."

It's a complete body workout. Penny says it's something she enjoys during her free time.

"It's not the same as riding in your neighborhood or a paved city trail," said Penny.

There's rough terrain and hills to battle. It will no doubt have you breaking a sweat. You can try this even if you're just a beginner by going on guided rides with the rangers. They'll tell you what's best to pack when you head out for an adventure mountain biking.

Hitting the trails isn't only a great workout, it's also a great way to see the leaves changing colors this fall.

"We really recommend coming out at all times of the year, but this fall is going to be explosive," said Penny.

Tune in every Wednesday for more 5NEWS Fit ideas.

For more information on Devil's Den State Park and to schedule a mountain bike tour, click here.