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Going Off Trail With Rendezvous In The Ozarks

OZARK, Ark. (KFSM) — Hundreds of outdoor lovers and  4 by 4 vehicle owners gathered (Oct.19) in the Ozark Mountains today, to enjoy a unique passion. The ...

OZARK, Ark. (KFSM) -- Hundreds of outdoor lovers and  4 by 4 vehicle owners gathered (Oct.19) in the Ozark Mountains today, to enjoy a unique passion. The Overlanding lifestyle is a fastgrowing passion shared by many, and now you can be part of it!

5NEWS Chief Photojournalist Luke Patrick took his camera out on the trails and gives a look at what Rendezvous In The Ozarks is all about.

Byrd's Adventure Center located  North of Ozark provided its trails for the backdrop of the Rendezvous In The Ozarks Adventure.

"What the forest provides is literally thousands of miles of trails and cut to anybody's comfort level from just gravel roads that you could run on moms car, to pretty technical things that you would kinda need to know what you are doing and a pretty capable 4 wheel drive to do it. (BUTTED TO) but we really just like to promote the state and all the trails and everything thats available here and it doesn't cost a dime, its free to come up here and do it anytime you want." Said Joe Ison.

Drivers hit the path and enjoyed some rugged trail while riding on courses, others camped and enjoyed outdoor equipment from vendors. This adventure is for beginner to experienced riders. It's a one of a kind experience anyone can share.

"You really need a 4 wheel drive vehicle for that, but we won't prohibit you if you are just starting and want to see what it is about,
but it's that community of folks that are doing self-sufficient travel basically in a vehicle." Said Event Founder Randy Putt

You can take your own 4 by 4 or you can go on a group ride with the experts for a chance to experience.

Lots of learning opportunities, experiences and enthusiasm can be shared at this event.

"We are trail riding or Overlanding for lack of a better word, I would say that its always in the back of your mind when you're at work or you're in the city stuck in traffic or something you're always thinking you were out in the woods running trails or something and what I get out of it is relaxation I love vehicles, I love my truck and to be able to do both and get out here and see some of the sights it helps resets your soul because you don't have any cell service, you don't have people calling you and wanting things its something that you do just for yourself and it just helps relax you so that when you go back to your normal life, its just easier to take." Said Overlander Tod Dudly.

Drawings on off road prizes will be held worth over $30,000! You still have a chance to attend this event, the last day is October 20.

For more information visit https://byrdsadventurecenter.com

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