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Greenwood implementing new safety measures for upcoming school year

Schools are gearing up for a new year. One River Valley district is doing what it can to make this a safe year for students and teachers.

GREENWOOD, Ark. — With mass shootings increasing nationwide, parents may be hesitant to send kids back to school.

In Greenwood, administrators say parents can rest easy. 

“If we were to have an active shooting situation…. we just can’t be victims, ” said Jim Caudle, Director of School Security.  

Caudle says the school response plan is extensive .. involving the entire staff.

“We just call it getting off the X. X is if the bad thing happens then how do we respond? And we’ve prepped with law enforcement, we’ve trained with law enforcement EMS to come in…and we want to bring order to chaos as quickly as we can,” said Caudle.  

Caudle says they cannot eliminate the threat, but they can work hard to minimize the threat, and that starts with strategy.   

“For example, we’re going to try and keep our doors….and we’ve done this for several years. We’re trying to keep all our doors…all our outside doors shut and locked, we’re trying to keep our classroom doors shut and locked while we’re having class,” Caudle explained.  

Jim Reynolds is a parent of a 10th grader at Greenwood High School and he says it’s not only important for parents to be here but for students as well. 

“I wanted my daughter to be here, she’s old enough…she should be able to distinguish between things and know what’s important what’s not,” said Reynolds. 

Reynolds says he was disappointed more parents didn’t show up tonight .. but despite his disappointment, he learned a lot of important information. 

“I thought a really good idea was numbering all the doors so I’m sure what’s that for is to call in, I’m at number so and so and so the response can get there quicker. I thought that was a great idea,” Reynolds recalled.  

Reynolds has always felt safe sending his child to school but with the new safety measures, he feels even safer. 

“There’s more teachers that have the training and are armed and SROs and a lot of different law enforcement like they said. Even our city police come in on campus, have free lunches, walk the campus, drive the campus. And so yeah I do I feel like my child is safe,” Reynolds said.  

On Aug. 10, you’ll have another opportunity to catch the meeting at 6 p.m. in the science building. 

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