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Rogers Honor Academy helps local students navigate college application turmoil

The stress of finding the right college can wear heavy on a young student, thankfully the resources made available help them find their way.

ARKANSAS, USA — Students who plan to go to college will find it's a lot of work to make sure they're checking everything off the college to-do list.

Oftentimes the task of applying for scholarships, writing essays, and paying fees to apply land on only the student and parents.

Some have never done this before and learn as they go, but the Rogers School District is making sure students have help every step of the way.

"It was really good for me to see Duke. my Mom is a Duke alumnus. I've been to the campus before but I got to see it in a new light. I never appreciated it as much as I did on this trip."

Rogers High School senior Rune Hawkins just returned from a trip with the school's honors academy program, and while it's not a unique program, the way Rogers runs the program is.

"The idea we have a team available for students to see what their future could be I think that's just a profound opportunity that no one else, no other school district seems to offer."

Their program has grown to 600 students including 10-12th graders. The program is partially funded by the Walton Foundation and helps students apply to colleges from the first step to the last.

"This gives us an opportunity to take kids to colleges, pay for college application fees, and pay for ACT tutoring to have a team of college advisors that no school I know of offers in the nation.

And for students like senior Adrian Salazar, the program is one of a kind.

"It has been a tremendous help because I come from a family who hasn't gone to college in the past. I am a first-generation student and so RHA helped me in that regard in researching and finding opportunities outside of what I have experienced before."

They're making sure all students know their choice is endless.

"We have proven in this district that with those resources we are able to have students apply and be successful in any college whether it's an ivy league school or any school throughout the nation."

They're making sure all students know their choice is endless.

"We have students that have been admitted to colleges all over the united states from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Princeton.

The program can help students achieve the top scores that top colleges require.

"The most interesting thing with most school districts. they are just trying to get students to pass the ACT, What do you do with a student that has a 31 on the ACT that is having problems getting across that line to get a full scholarship someplace? we offer tutoring to get students to the 34, and 36. we pay for it. it's free we pay for everything."

And they help students look into funding.

"Rogers Honors Academy works with students of all income levels but specifically we work with students who are low-income or first-generation students. we help them with various grants. some grants or scholarships like the leta scholarships or quest bridge. helps students connect to colleges they may not have thought affordable.

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