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Decatur City Schools bus drivers prepare for students, safety 'priority'

Decatur City Schools Transportation said kids' safety getting to and from school is a 'priority'.

DECATUR, Ala. — Bus drivers at Decatur City Schools say they check all the boxes when it comes to student safety.

"They love their job. It's a very social job. They love the kids," said Decatur City Schools School Transportation Assistant Supervisor, Jamie Penley.

Bus drivers at Decatur City Schools are gearing up for back to school, but they say safety is number one.

"I think the bus depot is one of the highest-rated as far as most faculty members getting their vaccine," said Penley.

Penley said there were concerns over the lack of drivers on staff. "We were worried last year we might not have some of them come back, but we had a full house last year. This year we are running the same numbers," said Penley.

This is Rick Watson's fourth year as a bus driver.

"I try to be as careful as I can. Whenever I get to talk to the parents especially early in the year I tell them that my job is to get your child from the stop to the school and the school back to the stop safely. Number one priority," said Watson.

He said it's an everyday priority.

"Every morning a bus driver is to come out and check everything on the bus, lights, safety lights, emergency flasher, horn," said Watson.

Watson said brake lights are just important. "If you are stopped at a bus stop and your red lights aren't working, a car doesn't know to stop. That's a priority. That has to work every time," said Watson.

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