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Cutting Edge Cryotherapy Technology Comes To Northwest Arkansas

From fighting the Opioid epidemic, sports injuries to weight loss, a new trendy treatment called Cryotherapy is gaining attention across Northwest Arkansas. The...

From fighting the Opioid epidemic, sports injuries to weight loss, a new trendy treatment called Cryotherapy is gaining attention across Northwest Arkansas. The treatment is also gaining the attention of athletes and celebrities.

From 1999 to 2003 Razorback alumni Jimmy Beasley Jr. shined on the football field. An ice bath was pretty common in those days. He explained how long he would sit in an ice bath.

”I was doing two-a-days. So, it was probably about 15 to 20 minutes" Beasley said.

Today, Beasley is still in top shape.

"I do a little bit of yoga, weight training, running and athletic training. I also train clients," he said.

Beasley has replaced ice baths with Cryotherapy. Restore in Rogers opened in January and inside their store, they have a Cryo-chamber.

With liquid nitrogen and at -216 degrees, Beasley uses the Cryo-chamber where the cold surrounds his body. Within a couple of minutes, the treatment is over.

"It was very cold. You kind of have to leave and go to another place because it’s so cold," Beasley said. "I feel revitalized. A boost of energy."

Restore franchise owner, Wesley Griffin explained how the treatment works and who can benefit from it.

”Your body basically responds to the cold as if it were going to freeze to death. While you are in that 3-minute treatment, your body does everything that it knows how to do in order to survive," Griffin said. "Some of that is metabolism kicking on, some of that is rushing all of the blood to your core so it can pick up anti-inflammatory proteins. We're helping people recover faster from athletic endeavors. We are helping people feel better if they have chronic illnesses, inflammation, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis."

Targeted Cryotherapy is also offered at Restore. It is aimed at anti-aging and healing skin conditions. It targets specific areas of pain rather than the Cryo-chamber that targets the entire body.

"One treatment like this is like icing over the course of the day," Griffin said. "We see a lot of patients that come from chiropractic offices, orthopedic offices. I think as we grow and as this name Restore and Cryotherapy, compression, IV therapy becomes more mainstream, that we will be seeing a lot more people accepting of it and willing to give it a try."

You can find more information about Cryotherapy and what Restore offers by visiting their website.

Restore offers not only Cryotherapy but other services that target healing the body.

Some other services they offer like IV therapy and compression therapy are coupled with Cryotherapy as packages.

You can buy single sessions of any of their treatments or buy them bundled.

The costs differ but here are a few examples:

A choice of two of their services, called Restore membership, is $69 a month. The choices include Cryotherapy, infrared sauna, PBM, compression therapy and stretch base.

A choice of one service, called the wellness membership, is $89 a month. The choice includes IV drip or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The daily membership is $299 a month and includes a choice of any of the following services: Cryotherapy, infrared sauna, PBM or compression therapy.