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Richard Barnett requests acquittal, retrial citing 'false' witness testimonies in capitol riot case

Barnett's legal team also stated that the Government "surprised the defense" with demonstrations of the stun walking stick Barnett brought to the capitol.

ARKANSAS, USA — Richard Barnett, along with his legal counsel has requested a new trial, and/or an acquittal, saying that "no reasonable, impartial, fair jury could have found guilt for any charge" against Barnett after the proceedings.

The current legal standard states that the court may grant the defendant a new trial "if the interest of justice so requires," which is what Richard "Bigo" Barnett, along with his legal counsel, are attempting to argue by stating that "all the key witnesses presented by the Government ... are verifiably and objectively false."

Barnett and counsel also state that "The Government also surprised the defense by performing not one but two demonstrations of the Hike ‘N Strike before the jury after the Defense was led to believe that no demonstration would occur. "

The 61-year-old from Gravette became well-known after photos were posted online of him with his feet on Nancy Pelosi's office desk during the capitol riot. He also took an envelope from her office, put a quarter on her desk, and left her a note that said, "Nancy, Bigo was here, you B****."

Barnett entered the U.S. Capitol alongside other rioters while carrying a U.S. flag and a stun gun walking stick.

Barnett, testifying near the end of his trial, said he regrets coming to Washington for the “Stop the Steal” rally where then-President Donald Trump addressed a crowd of supporters.

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