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Johnson County Sheriff arrested on gun and drug charges in Crawford Co.

Sheriff Jimmy Stephens was arrested after state troopers found drugs in his patrol vehicle in Crawford County.

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ark — Johnson County Sheriff James "Jimmy" Stephens was arrested with drugs in his patrol vehicle after a traffic stop in Crawford County.

According to Bill Sadler with the Arkansas State Police, Stephens was arrested in possession of drugs and firearms.

According to a probable cause affidavit, on Dec. 3, the FBI contacted Arkansas State Police stating they had been watching Stephens in reference to a corruption and narcotics investigation. The FBI agent then asked state troopers to stop Stephens after he had left the Crawford County home they were watching, which belonged to a couple.

Stephens left the home and was driving south on Highway 71 in his Johnson County patrol vehicle. The affidavit states he was going 51 mph in a 45 mph zone, so state troopers were able to pull him over. 

According to the affidavit, Stephens removed his duty weapon from his hip and got out of his vehicle. He told the troopers that he was in Crawford County "visiting his confidential informants."

When asked if he had anything illegal in his patrol vehicle, the affidavit states that Stephens admitted to having three oxycodone in the driver's door, a small amount of marijuana and marijuana butter in a trash bag in his trunk. 

Stephens was placed in handcuffs while state troopers began searching his vehicle. The affidavit reports that three oxycodone, two hydrocodones, a small amount of marijuana and approximately nine announces of marijuana butter were found in the patrol vehicle. 

According to the affidavit, Stephens told investigators that he received the drugs from the couple, who allegedly told agents that they made the marijuana products and sold them to Stephens. 

During a search of their home, investigators found six marijuana plants, prescription oxycodone, and hydrocodone pills as well as multiple guns. 

The couple was arrested and taken to Crawford County for booking. 

Stephens was charged with speeding, three separate counts of possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drugs and firearms. 

Stephens' left jail on a $25,000 bond on Dec. 4. He is set to appear in court on Monday, Dec. 12. 

According to Johnson County's PIO, Stephens is still Sheriff and Chief Deputy Jeremy Bennett has "always run the day-to-day operations."

No further details have been released at this time. 

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