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Pay it forward: Bentonville restaurant workers receive over $4,000 tip

A group of business professionals tipped two Bentonville servers $4,400 to spread holiday joy.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A group of business professionals paid it forward this holiday season by leaving two Bentonville servers a huge tup. One of the servers was emotional as she learned she and a co-worker received a tip of $4,400.

The money will be split between two servers at Oven and Tap restaurant in Bentonville. 

Grant Wise, president and founder of Witly, was recently at the restaurant, where he made the announcement. Leaving one of the waitresses, Ryan, in tears.

“To be able to stand right there, next to her and let her know what people, that she had no clue who they were, from out of the country had done, it was an amazing, amazing feeling,” Wise said.

Wise’s software company hosted a conference in Northwest Arkansas for realtors from across the country. He realized he wanted to do something special for the holidays.

“We knew that we wanted to do something cool,” Wise said. “We knew we were going to go out to dinner.”

The group made their way to Oven and Tap to eat and make someone’s day.

“He wanted to kind of put our efforts together and bless someone in the community for this holiday season," said relator, Rebeca Soto.

Rebecca and partner Josue Soto are now back in Florida. They pitched in to provide that large tip.

It was Wise's idea to surprise the servers with the money after getting the idea from a friend.

“About year ago, came up with this $100 dinner club concept, right in the middle of a pandemic,” Wise said. “We knew servers really hit hard through Covid and it was something that he had come up with to help give back.”

Each member of a group gives at least $100 to tip their servers. Donations were made in person or online.

“You’d be surprised how big of impact you can do on someone else’s life,” Josue Soto said.

That impact is not only being made on the servers, but those who gave.

“The secret to living is giving in it if you get an opportunity give what you can when you can,” Wise said.

5NEWS did reach out to the waitress in the video, Ryan, to speak, but she works two jobs and was not available. However, she says she is very grateful.

The group is encouraging everyone to go out and give this holiday season, whether it be time or a monetary donation.

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