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Giving Tuesday impacted by inflation

Local nonprofits say inflation is increasing the need for their life-changing services and decreasing donations

ARKANSAS, USA — This holiday season people spent billions of dollars shopping for themselves and others.

Nonprofits are hoping people will continue to spend and donate past Giving Tuesday. But feel people might hold on a bit tighter to their wallets this year.

"You have your Black Friday sales, you have your Cyber Monday, then, you have Giving Tuesday," said Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Director of Philanthropy Jayme Lingo.  "A time to give back to those who could really use the assistance."

Some nonprofits believe the need for assistance is rising across the area because of inflation.

"Everything added up has really put a strain on local families," said United Way of Fort Smith Area President and CEO Shea Foldvary.

Inflation is also impacting nonprofits internally. Such as Samaritan Community Center, which normally serves about 90,000 people a year.

"That number has gone up and the cost to serve them has gone up as well," Samaritan Community Center Exec. Director Debbie Rambo said. Adding that it is leaving her organization to make tough decisions such as, "providing less, or maybe providing something that's not as high qualities as we would like," Rambo said.

That's why they are encouraging everyone to give.

"Giving Tuesday allows people an opportunity to give to areas in our communities and nonprofits that they have a passion for," said Foldvary.

However, the nonprofits realize inflation is impacting everyone.

"We see that there's a lot of people that normally would give at a certain level, and maybe they're pulling pack a little bit," Rambo said.

Lingo says that while helpful, monetary donations aren't the only way you can give. "you can give of your time, or you can give of your talents."

No matter how you give, the nonprofits say the place you give from is equally as important.

"Give from the passion of your heart,” said Foldvary.

"Think of others and ways you can make a difference in the lives of other people," said Lingo.

Although Giving Tuesday has come to an end, nonprofits are still encouraging you to give if you can. Adding that this time of year is when these organizations receive the majority of their funding.

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