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Dog found shot, trapped in Bella Vista well; Puppies missing

The dog now, named Glory, was found struggling to get out of a well. The nursing mother has young puppies that can't be found. PETA is now offering a $5,000 reward.

BELLA VISTA, Ark. — An investigation is underway after a dog was found abandoned and abused in Bella Vista.

Yesterday (April 15) morning staff at the Bella Vista Animal Shelter were notified about a dog stuck in a well.

“She (a volunteer) heard a dog crying and then we found her in the hole where she was pulled out of, she was very tired, exhausted from trying to get out of the hole, very hungry, very thirsty," said Laurie May, shelter manager.

May says the one and half-year-old lab mix, now named Gory, was likely dumped.

A pile of food was left on the side of the road just a quarter-mile from the shelter and just a few feet away from a busy highway.

“It’s not the first time we’ve seen animals like this and that’s what’s very sad," May said. "Just anyone before you get an animal, make sure you can make that commitment to take care of them."

After getting Glory cleaned up and removing hundreds of ticks, a trip to the vet revealed something else, she had been shot.

“If anyone ever finds an animal please contact the authorities in your area so it can go to the rescue or shelter in that area to get the help that it needs," May said.

Based on Glory’s condition, there are grounds to file criminal charges.

“Clearly the dog has been neglected. She came in very skinny, malnourished, there could be abandonment and animal cruelty because she has been shot," said Animal Control Officer Leslianne Pratt.

The goal now is to find Glory’s puppies.

“Anyone has any information on the puppies, we will take them no questions asked. We just want to get them reunited and get them healthy with their mother," May said.

When Glory is healthier, she will have surgery to remove the bullets, get spayed, and eventually find a forever home.

PETA is offering a reward of up to $5,000 in exchange for information leading to the arrest and cruelty-to-animals conviction of the person(s) who abandoned the mother dog as well as for information leading to the safe recovery of her puppies.

"Someone shot and abandoned a mother dog whose babies needed her and left her to die," says PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien. "PETA urges anyone who recognizes this dog to come forward immediately, so that her vulnerable puppies can be located and the perpetrator stopped from hurting anyone else."

If you have any information about glory or her puppies you are asked to contact the Bella Vista animal shelter or the police department.