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Super Sunday event held at Bentonville Church

Studies show that whether it's cheering for a college or professional team, friendship is at the core of engaging in sports.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A Bentonville church used Sunday's big game to bring together and inspire the community.

From the tailgating to watch parties to the game itself, the super bowl is a time for people to come together and enjoy a shared experience… First Bentonville church hosted its "Super Sunday" event that had multiple food trucks for the community to enjoy for free.

"We're right here in the heart of downtown so we want to be a part of our community and we want our community to know that we care for them, we love them, and sometimes it's as simple as doing free things like this where you offer free food and just free community," said Bobby Mcovern, First Bentonville communications pastor.

Razorback football player Hudson Oenry was the event's guest speaker. Organizers say this Sunday was a great opportunity for the youth to hear from role models in the community.

"We're hoping that the students and the athletes that are coming are encouraged that firstly it's attainable, but also secondly that Hudson is an unbelievable role model and hopefully they can glean something from it," Mccovern explained.

"Today I'm going to be talking about faith, family, and football hoping my story can help change some people's lives and hopefully change them for the better," Henry said. 

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