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Cherokee Nation to allot over $1.6 million in Community Impact Grants to tribe's non-profits

The Cherokee Nation announced a new $1.675 million Community Impact Grant program which will benefit the tribe’s nearly 70 affiliated non-profit organizations.

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — At the Cherokee Nation's 18th annual Conference of Community Leaders, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Deputy Chief Bryan Warner announced a new $1.675 million Community Impact Grant program.

The Community and Cultural Outreach(CCO) Department will handle the program which will benefit the tribe’s nearly 70 affiliated non-profit organizations across the reservation and across the United States.

“Our latest grant program for CCO-participating organizations has the potential to make the most impact,” said Chief Hoskin. “We cannot build Cherokee communities from the top down. We must build them from the grassroots up.”

The new Community Impact grants add to the existing CCO programs, providing up to $25,000 for the following community impact areas:

  • Community food security
  • Community organization public outreach/membership drives
  • Community needs survey
  • Community organization overhead costs
  • Support for volunteer in-kind assistance for community members in need

Community Impact Grant applications will be taken from Aug. 15 to Dec. 31 but the grant must be spent by September 30, 2024. Only the nearly 70 on-reservation and at-large CCO participating community organizations are eligible for this program.

For more information on CCO programs and services, call 918-207-4963 or click here.

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