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How the Hill is getting ready for the Arkansas v. Cincinnati game

We are so close to calling the Hogs for the first game of the season! But how is the Hill getting ready for the game?

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — We are so close to calling the Hogs for the first game of the season but before we can do that there are some things that you need to know before heading up the Hill.

All eyes will be on Razorback Stadium Saturday as the Hogs take on Cincinnati.

“This is our opportunity to showcase across the nation the pure excitement the tradition and spirit of Razorback Nation,” said Elvis Moya with the University of Arkansas.

Along with SEC Nation set up on campus, you’ll find traditional tailgates with friends and family at Hogtown, a pre-game street festival and tailgate free to all Hog fans right across from the stadium.

It includes live music, food vendors and game day traditions.

“It’s an opportunity to come hang out, get the feeling of the Razorback spirit and tradition... It’s just an all-around great family fun entertainment venue for us,” said Moya.

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A big part of the Razorback spirit is the spirit squad itself.

Connor Pitts, the Hogs' head cheer coach, said the squad is not only a big part of the game but also the pre-game festivities.

“We’re smiling, we’re engaging, if people were asking how they are, we’re asking about how their drive was. Like, we want their experience to be the best experience," Pitts said. "We treat a fan like it’s their first or their last game, no matter what. This could be their only experience or their last experience and we don’t want them to have a bad experience on our part."

And it’s the small details that make that kickoff moment even sweeter for students like Isabel Wes.

“If you just sit there and listen to the entire stadium call the Hogs, it’s kind of a surreal moment,” said Wes.

A few quick game day reminders: If you plan on bringing a bag, make sure it’s a clear one, clear bags only inside the stadium. Also, make sure your tickets are downloaded on your phone and ready to be scanned when you get to your gate. 

It will be a hot day, so to make sure you are staying hydrated, you can bring in a clear water bottle to fill up inside the stadium.

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