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Tips for lowering your energy bill this winter

Heating costs are expected to be higher than usual this winter.

ATLANTA — Home heating costs are expected to be significantly higher this winter, but there are some simple and inexpensive ways you can keep your home warm while lowering your energy bill.

Holly Lovett of Georgia Power says your curtains and blinds offer privacy, but keeping them open during the day can warm your house by allowing the sun to do all the work.

“Please close them again at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows, but open those blinds during the day,” Lovett said.

Make sure your vents aren’t blocked by furniture or a rug so warm air can flow in your home.

You might be letting cold air in without knowing it. Try the dollar test. Close a door or window on a dollar bill. I you can easily slip it out, a draft is getting in. It’s probably time for some caulking and weather stripping.

“You can save 10% just by caulking and stripping in your home,” Lovett said. “Simple to do, not too much money to apply to your house.”

Make sure the flue on your fireplace is closed after using it.

Depending on the kind of filters you have in your heating unit, they need to be replaced every one to three months.

Georgia Power recommends you keep your thermostat no higher than 68-degrees during the winter. Every degree its lowered during the winter means three to four percent less energy that your using, lowering your bill even more.


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