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Inflation impacting local hair salon

The latest inflation report released this week shows the U.S. inflation rate is still well over 8% and affecting everyday life.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Inflation has been on the rise and so have grocery, gas prices, and other everyday essentials. 

The latest report released this week shows the U.S. inflation rate is still well over 8% and is still affecting individuals nationwide. 

One industry that’s really taking a hit because of high inflation, is cosmetology.

Since the start of the pandemic, hairstylists have seen changes in their clientele.

According to Crown Beauty Bar Salon owner Megan Harris, stylists have had to get used to some of their regulars not coming to their chairs as often.

“I feel like people are spacing out their appointments a lot longer,” said Harris. “They’re taking a hit too and are like they can’t afford to come every 6 weeks.” 

As the prices of everyday life go up, it’s not just customers taking a hit as hair salons are struggling to keep up with inflation.

Harris explained that costs of supplies have doubled and that keeping up with stocking has taken more money out of the salon's pockets. This has caused her to raise prices for her services. 

“It was hard because everyone is being affected by inflation and so we want our clients to be able to afford to get their hair done but we also need to be able to afford to do it and have a paycheck in the end,” said Harris.

According to Harris, her customers have been supportive despite the rise in prices which she says means a lot to her as she is doing her best to serve her customers while still providing a source of income for salon employees and their families. 

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