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How much will Hog fans spend on tailgating this season?

As inflation and the cost of food continue to rise, here's how much Arkansans can expect to pay during this tailgating season.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It's the time of year football fans have been waiting for since last year.

We are less than 24 hours away from seeing thousands of diehard fans pack inside Donald W. Reyolds Razorback Stadium on Saturday.

Many of those that don't make it inside the stadium, plan to root for the Hogs outside, beside a grill.

Inflation and the cost of food have been steadily rising, so because of that, how much can you expect to pay this tailgating season?

Experts have explained that the tailgating tradition could look and cost a bit different this year. 

The U.S. Department of Labor said the cost of chicken is up 17%, the cost snacks are up by 16% and pickles and relishes have also gone up by nearly 16% as of July 2022.

Grocery store prices have jumped by 13%, which has been the biggest one-year gain since 1979.

Though many prices have gone up, there is still a chance to combat the cost of what you're putting in your shopping cart.

Items like pork ribs, have only gone up 1.5% , and hot dogs have gone up by just 5.3%. Those two items are among others that haven't seen a very drastic increase in price.

In Arkansas, we've recently seen some relief at the pump, but the Department of Labor reported that people traveling to ball games will still be paying more than 40% to fill up.

If you think the option to take public transportation could work for you, it might save you more money in the long run. 

Even though most everyone prefers to watch a live and action-packed ballgame, what about staying home to watch the big game?

The Department of Labor reported that the cost of televisions has actually declined.

Fans are eager to get back to normal as the first major college football weekend slowly approaches. 

Though things may look a bit different this year, it is still possible to cheer on your favorite team all while saving money.

For a full list of grocery store items affected by inflation, please click here.

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