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Why do groceries keep getting more expensive?

Plus, how long these higher prices will stick around?

HOUSTON — Why do groceries keep getting more expensive?

For months the cost of labor, transportation and raw materials has gone up. That has led manufacturers to pass along costs to stores, who in turn pass it along to you. And since the supply chain issues are sticking around you can expect the higher prices to stick around for a while as well.

Companies are also cutting off discounts on popular items in part because they don’t want to run out of their limited supplies of goods.

So how are shoppers responding to the price hikes?

Experts say customers are changing their habits, steering clear of premium cuts of meat and going for cheaper alternatives. Full price supermarkets may also pay the price for inflation. Market watchers expect customers to shift to discount markets like Walmart, Dollar General and Aldi.

How can you save when you shop?

One of the best ways is to come up with a plan. Meal prepping and staying organized helps cut unnecessary costs. And while there are fewer discounts out there, manufacturers and stores are still offering some coupons, so don’t forget to check for deals.

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