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The 68th annual War Eagle Craft Fair is underway

The War Eagle Fair has officially started and many long-time goers are back in town for the event.

WAR EAGLE, Ark. — “I had determined when I first started making my pottery, that if I started making something I thought was pretty decent at, I would apply to War Eagle,” said Gregg Lolley.

And now for the second year, Lolley is sharing his clay creations at the War Eagle Fair.

“Literally, I work all year just for this craft show,” said Lolley.

He said it's the only way he'll have enough inventory.

His wife Beverly sells homemade Christmas decorations in the booth beside him.

“Some of the best parts of doing the show is that people really like your stuff well enough to pay money for it. It’s a good feeling,” said Lolley.

The War Eagle Fair is pretty popular and for many, it’s a crafting tradition.

Two friends said they’ve been coming to the craft fair for so long they remember taking a one-lane road all the way through Bentonville and Rogers to get here.

“We had to join a club to buy a steak for supper. There were no steak houses. No restaurants. It has grown so much,” said Bowers.

Eldonna Schwisow and Marsha Bowers have been making their way to the War Eagle Fair from Nebraska for 26 years.

“I wouldn’t do this with anyone else, there’s no way." "Me either," said Schwisow and Bowers.

Celebrating over 60 years of friendship the best way they know how…shopping.

“I’ve got a few Christmas presents but most of it is for myself," Schwisow said. "Yeah, my whole bag is for myself,” said Bowers.

The two say their favorite booth sells homemade jewelry.

It’s always their first stop and it might even be their last before heading back home in a few days.

“We look forward to it every year and we start planning on our way home, and we reserve our room a year in advance and we love it,” the two lifelong friends said.

The War Eagle Fair will run through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and wrap up on Sunday at 4 p.m.

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