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Simon Says | Boundary setting and saying 'no'

Saying "no" to things you're not interested in, or you don't have time for right now, is saying "yes" to something you believe in more.

JOHNSON, Ark. — Today's Simon Says is about setting boundaries. 

You can't say “yes” to everything. It's just not possible.

Think of it like this: You might be asked to do something that's not in line with who you are and what your purpose is. So saying "no" to things you're not interested in - or you don't have time for right now - is saying "yes" to something you believe in more—where you actually want to spend your time.

I'm not saying not to say yes to taking on an extra task or project at work, but you don't have to say yes to everything. Sometimes you need to say no. 

If you take on too many tasks at once and leave yourself zero time to decompress, it can ultimately lead to you getting burnt out.

You don't need to defend yourself. “No.” is a complete sentence. If you don't like saying “no,” here are some alternatives to use: 

  • "I'm not available.” 
  • “This is not a good week for me.” 
  • "Thank you for thinking of me, but I won't be able to do that because”… and give the reason why you can't.  

Be honest, even if it’s canceling plans because you want to stay home this weekend to catch up on sleep. That reason is good enough and it’s also setting a boundary that people should respect. 

Excuses and explanations aren't necessary. There is no need to apologize. 

By the way, saying “sorry” can dilute your stance on something. 

Disengage with anyone and anything that brings you down, but at the same time, it's important to create compassionate boundaries with people. This means you’re not judging them in the process. You can make this drama-free.

The bottom line is it's important to protect your time and energy, and you can do it with kindness. If you use this approach, some people may not even realize you've set a boundary with them in the first place.  

Setting boundaries can also give someone else the courage to set them too.

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