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What you need to know when heading to the Razorback game

In just 48 hours over 75,000 fans will be packing the stands at Donald W. Reynolds stadium.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — In just 48 hours over 75,000 fans will be packing the stands at Donald W. Reynolds stadium. Before fans make their way out to the stands, here are some things to remember.

Only clear bags and purses are allowed in the stadium.

When it comes to tickets, make sure they are downloaded on your phone and pulled up to be scanned when you get to your gate.

At each gate, there are new walk-through metal detectors to increase security and be more efficient.

Clear empty water bottles are allowed to be brought inside and there will be water filling stations and cooling stations to help with the heat.

Pregame festivities at Hogtown will begin four hours before kickoff. There will be food vendors, live music, a pep rally and Tusk will be out there!

Hogtown takes place across from the stadium on Maple Street and is free for the whole family. Make sure to have a parking plan as multiple shuttles will be available all around the stadium—just be sure to get to your gate early.

For more information about the shuttle service offered by the university, click here.

Kevin Trainor with the Razorbacks said gameday is a time for the state to come together and celebrate.

“It’s a day where we’re all unified as Arkansans and cheering on the Hogs. The sense of community along with the excitement of the game... it’s an exciting time. Because it’s a connection to the University it’s a connection to other Arkansans and Razorbacks,” said Trainor.

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