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Here's what passengers can and cannot fly with as holiday travel approaches

After a gun accidentally fired at an airport in Atlanta, members of the Arkansas TSA want to remind passengers of what they can and cannot bring as they board.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In the classic film "The Godfather," the famous line goes: "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." 

Tuesday, members of the Transportation Safety Administration at Clinton National Airport offered their own take on the line: "Leave the guns at home - or be sure to check it. And remember to take your mask."  

This reminder comes as many head to the airport to travel for the holidays.

"Just a reminder, anything that can be weaponized is considered a prohibited item," said Patricia Mancha, spokesperson for Arkansas TSA. "That includes knives, stun guns, coup batons, gardening tools, novelty items like bats, or even guns."

The TSA finds it important to state that these items cannot be taken onboard through your carry-on bag. They also want to remind passengers that prohibited items  become property of the Federal Government when they show up at the TSA checkpoint.

"The gentleman who brought these with him was running late, and assumed that it would be okay," said Mancha, showing off a sleeve of throwing knives. "They're brand new. He never got to use them because he had to voluntarily abandon them."

Mancha said that's typically why they end up confiscating items. They said the traveler usually forgets that they had the item or figured their item would be okay to board with.

Throwing knives would seem to be obvious, but the agency had several items on display that one might not expect. 

A seamstress tried to get on with scissors. A builder lost a case of drill bits, and a child had its NERF gun confiscated.

On a separate table, the agency did work to point out the safe way to travel with handguns. Four or five bright pink "inert" pistols were arranged in various lock boxes. 

"It has to be a hard-sided case that's lockable," said Timothy Lam, a TSA supervisor. "If you're also travelling with any magazines or ammunition, they have to be emptied of the magazine of the gun itself."

These reminders come after a gun went off last month in Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, causing chaos across one of the world's busiest travel ports. 

TSA hopes that's the worst of the mix-ups as more travelers return to security. They said that it'll be important to allot extra time and to double-check carry-ons. 

But, they also want to remind passengers of another important item.

"Remember, the mask mandate continues to be in effect," said Mancha. "So if you're on airport property, you're required to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth."


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