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A look behind the scenes of fireworks shows in Arkansas

James Fisk is the lead shooter of Hog Wild Pyrotechnics which put together Sunday's Barling Fireworks display.

BARLING, Ark. — Hog Wild Pyrotechnics set up Barling’s firework display at the city’s Independence Day celebration.

James Fisk is the lead shooter of the pyrotechnic crew on Sunday.

"We're like the A-team of pyro technic guys around here," said Fisk. "We've been doing a long time and we give everybody 110% show."

Fisk explained that pyrotechnics have to pass an exam and complete five supervised shoots to receive their license.

"A lot of us been doing it a long time so we just keep renewing you know," said Fisk.

James Fisk had been doing the show in Barling for the past five years. The Pyrotechnics set out electric wiring to ignite the fireworks, but some were still lit up by hand.

"Just put the fuse like a flare like a road flare, we hold that in our hand, it's lit, and we just touch it to the fuse and it goes off for you," said Fisk. "There's a certain way to do it, a certain way to look away. There's a lot of techniques and you just don't stand there, that is an explosion going off."

Even as explosions and fire set off just before the rise, Fisk said their crew can handle it.

"We’ve done it so many times and we've worked so good together that we basically just walk around and talk to each other it's very calm," said Fisk. "It's art you know we're making this show in the sky we don't look up too much we're concentrating on what's around us we don't really see the show we haven't seen a show in a long time."

While some enjoy what’s up in the sky, Fisk explained that the pyrotechnics crew is having fun down below.

"It's mostly the camaraderie where we're like family. We've been doing it so long together, every fourth, we meet up and it's just- you just got to have in your blood I don't know. It's hard to explain it's just shooting shells often those explosions going off, it's something once you do, you're like, 'I got to do it again,' and then you just keep doing it."

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