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Little Rock mom comes up with Halloween plan prioritizing safety of neighborhood

A Little Rock mom came up with a plan to help her neighbors and their kids this Halloween, being cautious of COVID-19 and any children with allergies.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — One Little Rock mom was considerate of her neighbors and their kids this Halloween, being cautious of COVID and any children with allergies.

Outside of Jessica Duff's house is a table full of treats and a second table filled with other goodies for children. 

"I suggested that we create a spread sheet and collect a list of everyone's houses and what their candy set up was going to be like. So, that those who may not feel comfortable actually going door to door, they knew the homes that would have stuff set up in the driveway," said Jessica Duff.

Duff said that also includes an allergy free section of options.

Her 8-year-old daughter, Avery points out that they had teal painted pumpkins. The color symbolizes food allergy awareness.  

Kids who have allergies can stop by the Duff house and get a wide range of toys along with other items for kids. 

"Here's a bag for example. You won't get all these things. Like this one has a yo-yo and this one doesn't. You'll get a sticker and a pencil and then probably two of three toys," said Avery.

She and her 4-year-old brother Landon were helping their mom sort through the treats for trick-or-treaters before going to go play in the neighborhood. They were excited about Halloween for the night. 

"I'm going to be Evie from the Descendants movie, and this boy's going to be Groot," said Avery. 

Duff said this year, parents were wanting to get out early because it's a school night but still enjoy the Halloween decorations. 

She's prepared for all children and families who come up to her house for trick or treating.  

"Remember to take of those kiddos who might have some sensory issues or who may not be comfortable going up and ringing the doorbell," said Duff, "Be safe and be smart."