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Arkansas woman gives birth on her birthday in same room

Abbi Zuber gave birth on her birthday in the same room she was born in, with the same doctor.

BENTON, Ark. — One family in Saline County is celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby boy— on the same day that they celebrated another birth 24 years ago.

"It's pretty cool," Abbi Zuber said. "Knowing that we'll always have the same birthday."

It's just 24 years apart. Abbi Zuber was born in room 315 at Saline Memorial Hospital on February 2nd, 1999, and on Thursday, she gave birth to her son Joseph in the same room, with the same doctor. 

"He was very determined to have me go until Feb. 2, and then be induced, Abbi said. "He was very excited about it as well."

The rest of the hospital staff felt that same excitement.

"They were like coming in saying happy birthday to both of us because it was both of our birthdays," Abbi said. "They thought it was really cool as well, so that was fun."

It's been a full circle moment for her mother, Geri Zuber. 

"It was pretty wild," Geri said. "I was excited to be here. Only I was excited to not be the one delivering."

Geri's a first-time grandmother and Abbi's a first-time mom.  

"We're just thankful he's here and healthy," Geri said. "We had great staff. All the nurses were very friendly and helpful, and of course, Dr. Baka, who we think he and his whole office hung the moon."

Joseph almost arrived at the same time as Abbi too. 

"She delivered two hours after she was born," Geri said.

Both Geri and Abbi look forward to the years to come and making Feb. 2nd an even bigger family celebration in the future. 

"I think it's neat," Geri said. "We get to do one birthday for two."

Geri said it's nice to have a little boy in the family now since she has three girls.

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