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Six puppies saved from the cold, shown the power of true holiday spirit

Johnson County brings us the story of a litter of puppies being saved from the freezing cold night, and into the warmth of Christmas.

ARKANSAS, USA — The Johnson County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook Thursday about the heartwarming rescue of six abandoned puppies during the freezing night. 

The post begins appropriately with how, "On the coldest day of the year, there's still feel-good stories to warm you up:"

It tells the unbelievable story that begins with the midnight shift getting a call about some abandoned puppies on Jenkins Ferry Road. 

There were six puppies huddled together in a ditch, all trying to survive the freezing temperature.

Unfortunately, Johnson County has no animal ordinances, animal control, or budget for animals in a crisis like this, but the deputy who responded was so emotionally moved that he decided to load them up and bring them back to the pen used for department K9 units.

The deputy then began a "personal crusade to get them shelter for the Christmas holiday." 

Within two days, they all were under warm roofs. Three of them went home with staff from the sheriff's office itself!

The other three were accepted by Novastar Rescue, in Dover. 

None of them are cold anymore.

Credit: 5news

It's important to remember that the passion to protect and nurture those around us is what makes the holidays so warm, despite everything.   

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