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Scranton teacher collects enough cereal boxes to feed city's schools

Ms. Cameron Kremer's heartwarming drive to demonstrate kindness to kids has led to incredible outreach by the community.

SCRANTON, Arkansas — According to a Facebook post from the Scranton School District, elementary teacher Ms. Kremer worked with the school to organize a cereal drive where 435 boxes and 288 cups of cereal were donated to children in need.

That's enough for each child in the district to take a box home, and the cups along with other miscellaneous items will be added to the district's outreach programs. 

The district expresses thanks "to everyone who donated money and/or cereal toward this drive." They go on to thank "Kaylee West, our elementary school counselor, for teaching our students about how being kind can create a domino effect of kindness."

Credit: 5news

In an email to 5NEWS, Ms. Kremer's mother Becky Kremer shares her pride and love for her communities' mission to 'teach the domino effect' wherein one act of kindness creates another, which creates another…."

Ms. Kremer's mother believes that her daughter, the students, and the community deserve "recognition for their kindness, awareness, and efforts to make sure no child goes hungry."

We here at 5NEWS agree.


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