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Officer pulls over 'visibly upset' man only to end up helping set up TV, cable for wife in bad health

What started as a traffic stop ended as an incredible act of kindness.

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — Officers from a police department in Michigan helped a man who was "visibly upset and crying" during a traffic stop.

Officer Kevin Coates pulled the 79-year-old man over for speeding on Sept. 30 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

When Coates started to talk with the man named David, he was reportedly upset and crying. The officer later found out that the man's wife was in bad health and their adult son has special needs, the police department explained in a video on their Facebook page.

In the video, David explains to the officer that he's upset because he could not hook up the new TV he bought for his wife

"I bought a television today because I wanted to make my wife happy and I can't get it hooked up," he can be heard saying to the officer.

After running to different stores trying to get help, he wasn't able to receive any.

This was when Coates offered to help the man he pulled over. 

"Well I'm getting another police run right now so I can't come by now, but if I have time tonight, maybe I'll stop by and take a look at it," Coates told David.

Sure enough, the officer, along with other members of the police force, was able to help the man hook up the TV.

The Sterling Heights Police Department says within an hour of the traffic stop, Coates made his way over to the man's house with Officer Remi Verougstraete and his new recruit Officer Jeremy Jakushevich.

All three officers helped David install the TV, as well as hooking up the cable, the department explains. After everything was finished, the man was "very thankful" for the help from the officers.

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