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Cat stuck inside car engine rescued by firefighters in Bentonville

The cat was named Pickles by her rescuers "because she was in one."
Credit: Brandon Davis with BPD
Cat named Pickles rescued from car engine in Bentonville

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A very unhappy cat stuck in a car engine on the third floor of a Bentonville parking garage could be heard from the ground floor, according to the feline's rescuers.

While March 21 was cold and rainy, somehow the cat found her way into a parked car engine. She was aptly named Pickles "because she was in one," said officer Brandon Davis, who documented the rescue on Facebook.

Bentonville Animal Services and Bentonville Police arrived to help Pickles but didn't have all the tools needed for the unexpectedly difficult predicament. That's where the fire department came in to save the day.

Luckily, Pickles was able to stay "paw-sitive," Davis noted, while she waited for more help to arrive.

Credit: Brandon Davis with BPD
Cat named Pickles rescued from car engine in Bentonville

Davis said the fire department had to park their engines on the bottom floor and carry the necessary equipment to the third floor, but that Pickles was saved and taken to a nearby vet to warm up and receive the care she needed.

"This was great news as it was really starting to stress me-owt. (sorry)...anyway, great job today guys!" Davis said.

The City of Bentonville later commended the departments who worked together to get Pickles to safety after a traumatic day. "Thank you to the Bentonville Animal Services, Bentonville Fire, and Bentonville Police Departments for saving the life of this cat. She is now being well cared for."

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