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Fayetteville pumpkin patch prepares for remaining days of the season

Reagan Family Farm in Fayetteville opened for the season in the second week of September but had some hardships along the way.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark — With Halloween just a few days away, many pumpkin patches are in their last few days. Before closing for the year, we at 5NEWS wanted to see what a pumpkin patch is all about.

Reagan Family Farm opened for the season in the second week of September, but before they were open for business, they prepared for months to prepare for fall festivities— pumpkin seeds were planted as early as June. 

A lot of work goes into a patch and picking the perfect pumpkin.

William Reagan with Reagan Family Farm said that although they're good on pumpkins, there was uncertainty for a little bit because of the extreme temperatures over the last few months.

The drought that began in the summer months was a struggle, and the colder temperatures in the last few weeks have also caused the farm to face a bit of a rough patch.

“We had to get all the pumpkins out and put them in the bins and stack them in the barn because they would freeze and then turn into mush," Reagan said.

"We took the labor and the time and got them all up, and the next day we put them all back out,” Reagan said.

The pumpkins all ended up being okay and avoiding the freeze.

The farm is open every day until Halloween.

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