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Ministry founder works to serve homeless, underserved for 20+ years

“There are many individuals whose hearts are broken,” said Pearlie Jenkins, founder of Healing Hearts Outreach.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pearlie Jenkins answered a still voice in the 90s urging her to serve those most in need in Memphis.  

“There are many individuals whose hearts are broken,” said Jenkins, founder of Healing Hearts Outreach. “They cannot go on with their life. They’re homeless.”

For Jenkins, feeling those needs is a calling. 

In 1998, she founded her street's ministry and she’s been faithfully carrying out her vocation since.  

“She’s always helping,” commented Sharon Williams, Jenkins’ church member. “She takes time with anyone. I’ve seen her with the foster kids that she’s taken in. After church on Sunday, she might have 2,3, or 4 and she takes them out to dinner.”

Jenkins also poured into Williams’ life.   

“She makes you want to take in and love people like she does,” said Williams. “She will feed and help anybody.”

Jenkins works with the homeless, helpless, and those who don’t have resources to get themselves in a stable environment.  

“We’re talking about humans,” Jenkins said. “People are breathing, we’re supposed to be our brother’s keeper.”

Her hopes are the community and non-profits can work closer together to better support the underserved. 

“I think that the city should invest in non-profits that are going to provide housing,” said the ministry founder. “We have so few houses for the homeless.”

Jenkins’ dedication to be a light in the community is showing, “she has a heart of gold,” said Williams.  

If you know a hero doing good in the city, or someone celebrating Memphis, send us a text at 901-321-7520.

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