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'Zonkey' spotted along the road in Washington County was given as a mother's day present

Zander the "zonkey" reportedly loves watermelons, apples, and his miniature donkey friend Drago.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Ark. — Zonkeys, (a zebra-donkey mix) are very rare in nature, and are usually only seen in zoos or on game animal farms, but at Carl's farm in Washington County, he is a cherished pet.

"Some people have yard ornaments and he' our field ornament," Carl said while laughing.

Zander steals the show as the only zonkey on the farm: He was adopted from a horse rescue seven years ago, and given as a mother's day present— while an unusual gift, he was a memorable one for sure.

As for feeding Zander, Carl says that he gives his zonkey "watermelon rinds ... apple peels— he just loves it."

Though Zander may be cute, and enjoy putting on a show, Carl says he isn't always the friendliest, but although humans may not be his favorite, he has a unique friendship on the farm with Drago, the miniature donkey.

A dynamic duo, companions for Carl, and quite the sight for everybody that drives by, Zander and Drago sure are quite the roadside pair.

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