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Alligator spotted in Sherwood near Trammel swamp

Sherwood Animal Control said the alligator has lived in that area for years!

SHERWOOD, Ark. — Did you know Arkansas has alligators? 

Most people were surprised and shocked when a post making the rounds in Sherwood got shared by the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office on Monday.

Sherwood Animal Control got a call about an alligator spotting just off of Highway 67 near Warden Road.

The photo was taken September 28 around the Trammel swamp area.

Animal Control said the alligator doesn't pose any danger to people because it has lived in that area for years.

The only warning issued: Make sure your pets don't get loose if you live in that area. 

If the pet happens to go into the swamp, alligators are likely going to do what they do.

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