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Hundreds walk in annual "NWA March for Life" rally

With the rally being the first since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, attendees expressed their reasons for showing up and sharing their opinions.

ROGERS, Ark. — The "NWA 7th Annual March for Life" was sponsored by NWA Respect for Life and Counteract USA organizations. 

"I believe that all life is precious and valuable," said Hannah Thenhaus with Counteract USA.

Sunday afternoon, hundreds of others with the same belief as Thenhaus walked 1.4 miles to showcase their stance against abortions.

"We're walking in the cold and preaching the gospel," said a participant.

"I'm sure they got their steps in is what I can say," said Young Democrats of Arkansas president, Micah Wallace.

Wallace says Arkansas has other issues to focus on and stopping abortions is not one of them. "I don't really see the purpose in doing this such a march for life when we are already considered a pro-life state."

"It's not just about the laws we pass, but it's about showing individuals why each life matters," said Ben Seewald, pro-life advocate.  

For Thenhaus, who recently moved to Arkansas from Colorado, the choice of abortion hits close to home.

"I have a little sister who has some disabilities and I just love getting to take care of her." Thenhaus says she wants everyone to have that same opportunity, adding that abortions don't make that possible.

"The important thing is making sure people do have the freedom to decide on that issue," said Roots Up Consulting, Democratic Strategist Jacob Kauffman.

He says Arkansas' current trigger law goes against that. "It's certainly not innkeeping with the basic rights and reproductive freedoms that women have historically enjoyed in this state," Kauffman said.

"It's a private healthcare decision that has become a political talking point," said Wallace. 

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