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This rooster is turning heads and raising money around Central Arkansas

What have Brian Love and his rooster been cock-a-doodle-doing around Central Arkansas? They’ve been living it up for a good cause.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Brian Love is spending a lot of time at gas stations recently.

"I got a little car trouble down in Memphis, and I kind of landed here in Arkansas," Love said. "Now I'm here."

The rapper from Wisconsin has been traveling the country with an unlikely companion. 

"Get my man here and give him a better life," Love said. "The place I got him from, they weren't treating him too good... I figured if I got him, he'll have the life he's supposed to live."

He's a rooster named 46 Sanders. 46 comes from the street Love grew up on in Wisconsin, while Sanders is a reference to Colonel Sanders.

"I got serious, and started to love him and became a real pet and a real thing," Love said.

It's not just the fact that Love has 46 Sanders— the rooster is also fully clothed, wearing overalls, a chain, and custom socks. He has become quite the sight at gas stations around Central Arkansas.

Pictures cost $5 with the money going towards fixing Love's truck to get him home. 

However, that's not all. The money he receives is also to give back to the places that helped him.

"I go in every town, and when I see the low-poverty areas, I'll make a note of it," Love said. "I do a food drive before I leave."

It's a cause that's personal for Love.

"My dad used to do it, and he passed away," Love said. "I figured that it kind of like eases me to have a little moment like I'm still doing something for my dad."

You'd think someone working through car issues in a city he's not from would focus on themselves first— Love would disagree.

"I've been down so many times," Love said. "I figured negativity can only make it worse."

Although the situation isn't ideal, Love is keeping his head high.

"You gotta dream, go for it," Love said. "I'm having down moments, but still choosing to smile."

Doing that is much easier with a partner like 46 Sanders.

"Shoutout 46 Sanders for creating this moment," Love said. "He's the one that got the attention for me to even say the words that I'm saying today... and the people of Arkansas, I love y'all."

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