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Fed up with a dead and yellow lawn, couple paints their grass green

A Treasure Valley radio DJ shared a photo on Facebook of them transforming the look of their lawn with paint.

BOISE, Idaho — My102.7FM radio show host Meredith shared in a Facebook post that they've been having sprinkler issues and were tired of dealing with their dead lawn. 

So her husband painted their lawn with lawn paint.

When her husband first suggested the idea, Meredith said she thought he was crazy, but they found the paint online and were happy with the results.

When KTVB anchor Maggie O'Mara shared the post on her Facebook page, it garnered over 50 comments. 

Many laughed at the idea, sharing similar efforts they've seen from others who paint their grass green or have green turf installed as an alternative to grass. 

"When Colorado had a really bad drought and they were only allowed so much water for things, my husband's uncle took out all the dead grass and yes did the ultimate thing...he bought fake turf," wrote Melanie Durham Jones. "Every so often you can see him outside with his vacuum, vacuuming the yard."

Other comments were a bit more skeptical, wondering about the paint ingredients or advocating for watering a lawn to keep it green.