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Coronavirus forcing brides to move wedding dates in North Carolina

Weddings are being postponed around the country, causing financial loss to businesses and couples.
Credit: MGN

GREENSBORO, N.C. — "I had a bad feeling about May 2nd...it was right on the cusp."

Jenna Curry knows all too well how the new reality we live in is changing our lives.

"If we continued to have it in may we would have to cut our guest list to 80...from?... 120. I looked at Bryce and said thats not an option."

"I cried and cried."

"I was ready..i mean i was getting married in 45 days. My bridal shower was last weekend."

She was getting married here... at The Bella Collina Mansion in Stokesdale. The owner here says it's a growing problem.

"Its probably the hardest hit that the wedding industry has ever seen. So far we have moved...from March to April."

"When you're taking...hit pretty hard."

As a result some brides are choosing to cut the guest list and go hi tech. Wilky Black of Hayzen's Productions saw an opportunity.

"I said hey wait a minute. I can move the corporate live streaming part of my business to the wedding side and help the brides out."

"By streaming and sending the video over the web we allow the bride to have the wedding the way she wants it and on the day they want it."

But for Jenna she had to have the entire family there... a September wedding is in the books.

"After all the tears...I made peace and moved on and im really excited about the new date."