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Colorado hotels with a haunted history

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is perhaps the most famously haunted hotel in Colorado, but according to many, it’s not the only. 

<p>Hotel Colorado (1893/Glenwood) </p>

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is perhaps the most famously haunted hotel in Colorado, but according to many, it’s not the only one.

Here’s a look at five other hotels in Colorado with a notably haunted history.

Bed & Breakfast at Historic Onaledge - Manitou Springs

Bed &amp; Breakfast at Historic Onaledge in Manitou Springs&nbsp;

The historic bed and breakfast in Manitou Springs was built in 1912 and has long been known for its ghoulish reputation. According the hotel’s website, paranormal activity has been documented in guestrooms where a number of ‘permanent residents’ are said to reside. Among the most famous are is a grandfather type character seen reading by the fireplace to a boy in a blue suit and a young couple dressed in Victorian attire often seen courting near the hotel’s gazebo.

Hotel Colorado - Glenwood Springs

Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

As one of the oldest hotels in the state (built in 1893), it’s no wonder the Hotel Colorado has a long reputation for haunted happenings. First known for hosting illustrious guests such as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft, and even Denver’s own unsinkable Molly Brown—the hotel has since taken on a more ghostly reputation. From two haunted suites in the bell towers, to unexplained movement in elevators, to the screams of a young woman believed to have been murdered for her involvement in a love-triangle, the hotel has its share of haunted history. Perhaps the creepiest is reports of men being woken up to a female ghost hovering over them. The hotel reports that most of the spookiest activity often takes place from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Hotel Jerome – Aspen

Hotel Jerome in Aspen&nbsp;

The story behind the Hotel Jerome haunting goes back to 1936, and a report of a 10-year-old boy who had drowned in the hotel’s swimming pool. Since then, hotel staff and guests have occasionally encountered the ghost of the young boy wrapped in a towel and shivering. The boy is said to leave behind a trail of wet footprints.

Brown Palace Hotel - Denver

Brown Palace Hotel and Spa in Denver&nbsp;

The longstanding elegance of the Brown Palace Hotel is only rivaled by its speculation of haunted activity. Opened in 1892, the luxurious hotel first served the socialites of Denver. Since then, strange noises have been known to come from the hotel’s dining room, now known as Ellyngton’s. One employee reported finding a string quartet practicing in the room after hours. When he approached the group to let them know they were trespassing, the group is said to have replied,”Oh don’t worry about us. We live here,” before vanishing. Another employee is said to have encountered a man dressed in a traditional train conductor’s uniform in a place inside the hotel that was once used as a railroad ticket office. The man shows himself for just a moment before disappearing through the wall. The hotel even offers tours to highlight the tales of unexplained phenomena’s.

Imperial Hotel - Cripple Creek

Imperial Hotel &amp; Restaurant in Cripple Creek

The Imperial Hotel, first called the Collins Hotel, was built in 1896 following a fire that destroyed much of the city. The man who owned the hotel at the beginning of the 20th century, George Long, is said to still haunt the grounds. He moved to Denver, married his cousin and before long started having children. One of his daughter’s is believed to have suffered from a severe mental disorder that became harder control as she got older. The couple eventually locked her in an apartment next to the hotel in what is now known as the Red Rooster Bar. Sounds of the daughter scratching at the door are still reported by staff. George Long’s ghost is said to linger around the casino. Other reports include the sound of slot machines and coins heard late at night after the casino has closed.

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