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When DC Twitter slander goes left | Most DC Thing

When someone comes for DC on social media, DC drags them as only DC can.

WASHINGTON — Today’s Most DC Thing comes courtesy of Robert Sagraw who tweeted “There’s this creepy vibe in D.C. right now where it’s obvious how badly the city’s been destroyed by rioters, and yet people are almost afraid to point it out or oppose it. You almost have to whistle past the boarded-up windows as if it’s all just normal.”

As you can probably guess, this tweet was met with a great deal of ridicule and receipts in response. That tweet painted D.C. as looking like some post-apocalyptic wasteland. Like Max Max would be riding down K Street scavenging for fuel and building a Thunderdome in Georgetown. D.C. did what D.C. does in these situations and made fun of how untrue this description of the city was.

There were some hilarious response tweets like this one from Joe Flood that said, “Today, I had lunch at a Potbelly a couple blocks from the White House. Apocalyptic, but toasted. THE TERROR!”

Flood also posted “Here are scenes of the Marxist takeover! Don’t let this happen to your city!”

While Granny Smith tweeted, “These hoodlums chased after this van today in my upscale neighborhood in D.C.! It was horrifying! They were screaming and yelling and eventually they forced the truck to stop! It was utter chaos and mayhem!” next to a gif of kids chasing the ice cream truck.

Needless to say, people called this guy on his sensationalized hot take immediately. 

This is the Most D.C. Thing because our city will come together like Voltron to drag you, especially if you try to lie about D.C.--as of this writing, there were 2,500 responses. That is a cardinal sin in these parts. We’ll let a lot of things slide in D.C., but if you misrepresent the city or the culture you’re getting called out. We will pull your card faster than a blackjack dealer in Vegas. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t be Robert Sagraw or Robert Wargras. He changed his handle once the tweet picked up steam. We can’t even trust his person’s screen name.

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