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Adventure Arkansas: Sugarloaf Mountain

Arkansas is known as The Natural State, and for good reason. This week, Meteorologist Dax Clark takes us to a place where you can have the mountains, and the water

Ever wanted to find a place where there are pretty views, hiking trails, and plenty of places to swim and boat? Turns out, we have all of the above in one spot right here in Arkansas!

Sugarloaf Mountain on Greers Ferry Lake is a popular tourist attraction for people all over. With the lake surrounding the mountain, you'll get to experience the water and the beauty of the mountain... truly the best of both worlds!

For the hike, you will need to take a boat from one of the local marinas in Fairfield Bay. From there, you can dock your boat at the bottom of the mountain.

From there, the trailhead is not far. But, the hike up is a steep one! Roundtrip you will travel 2 miles and burn plenty of extra calories. You will hike up through the woods along a marked trail, featuring filtered sunlight, trees, and even some wildlife if you're lucky.

At the summit though, the views are endless! You can see for miles on a day with little haze and sunshine. You can see so much of Greers Ferry Lake and Farfield Bay. And of course, you also get to admire the rolling Ozark Hills.

You might even forget that you are in Arkansas for a second or two. So, sit back, relax, watch the boats from below, and enjoy the views!

Covering the views where you live, I'm 5NEWS Meteorologist Dax Clark.

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