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Adventure Arkansas: Rosete Family Farms

This week on Adventure Arkansas, Michelle Trotter is taking us to a local farm in Garfield, where you can pick your own blueberries.

GARFIELD, Ark. — This week on Adventure Arkansas, Meteorologist Michelle Trotter is taking us to a local farm in Garfield, where you can pick your own blueberries during blueberry season, stay in an Airbnb, and also enjoy a relaxing night with your family and friends.

"I saw a need in NW Arkansas to get people to experience each other and to get reconnected with each other and nature."

Kristin Rosete, along with her husband Alex and their son, own the Rosete Family Farm in Garfield, Arkansas. Their land includes a blueberry farm, their family home, an event center, and an Airbnb. They built everything by hand themselves.

" I decided wanted to create a giant healing sanctuary where anyone can come and have a physical, spiritual, mental, healing or blessing."

"People have the opportunity to really connect with each other energetically with the blueberries, with nature, you can hear the birds right now, hummingbirds a lot of times fly right by our heads, fireflies"

During blueberry season, you, your family, and friends can come and pick your own blueberries in a basket they provide. The price of the blueberries depends on how many you pick. In addition to blueberries, you can also buy their honey.

They have so many different varieties of blueberries - 21 one to be exact. All lined up in rows that are labeled with names. You can expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour picking blueberries.

When picking the blueberries, just make sure to pick the blueberries that are ripe and blue in color. When you are done, they have a cute little basket that you can take your blueberries home in to put in the fridge. Kristen says they bought all their blueberry plants from Kentucky.

"It started with the organic blueberry farm, we don't use any chemicals or pesticides, everything is all-natural, we are not certified organic, but we do not use any chemicals, we handpick every single weed out of the blueberry patch.. so it's a lot."

When the blueberry season is over - you can come and relax by the lake. Kristen says many people usually bring a picnic, along with their beverage of choice, to watch the sunset and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

It's also a great place to bring the kids - at night there are fireflies that light up the night that the kids will enjoy catching.

The Airbnb sleeps about 10 people, which Kristin says usually gets booked fast, including the event center. They host a lot of baby showers, yoga retreats, family reunions, and much much more, which keeps Kristen busy as her full-time job.

And they aren't done just yet - they have future plans in place to help expand the farm, including more activities and events.

"I can not wait to bring people in to do more yoga, to do more eating healthy, to do more spiritual exercises, earthing, praying, meditating, manifesting, connecting energy, all of that."

Kristin says that she is thinking that blueberry season will only last for one or two more weeks. This weekend they will be open on Friday morning from 7-11 am and then Friday evening from 7-9 pm if you want to go pick some blueberries for one of their last weekends. To learn more about the farm, you can check out their Facebook here.

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