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Adventure Arkansas: Devil's Den

This week on Adventure Arkansas, Meteorologist Dax Clark takes us to one of the best places to hike, right here in Northwest Arkansas.

Devils Den State Park is a great place to hike and get outside. Located just 30 minutes south of Fayetteville off the West Fork exit, the park has tons of trails you can hike. Be sure and bring your good hiking shoes, plenty of water, and yes, bug spray. You'll thank me later.

There are numerous trails you can hike depending on your mood, but This week, we stuck to the Devils Den self-guided trail. It features a beautiful tree canopy, which is both pretty to look at but also shields you from that intense summer sunshine by offering plenty of shade.

You can park near the visitor center and cross the road, there are several signs points towards the trailhead so you can't miss it. The trail is surrounded by greenery taking you through the heart of the Ozark forest. There are also some really cool rock formations along the way. If you go right after a rain, you'll be able to catch some waterfalls too! It has been dry lately though so we didn’t get as lucky.

It is also super peaceful. You may want to just take a minute, relax, and listen to the rustle of the leaves and the sound of the birds chirping. It's nice to just get lost in nature to escape the outside world, if only for even a few minutes.

Now as for today it hasn't rained in a while, so didn’t see too much in the way of any waterfall activity. But, if you come in the morning like we are right now, temperature not too bad, plenty of shade out here to get outside and enjoy what Arkansas has to offer.

Covering the trails where you live, I'm 5NEWS Meteorologist Dax Clark

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