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Adventure Arkansas: Devil's Canyon

Hiking season is here! This week we are going to Devil's Canyon to go on a difficult hike that offers cliff views.

Hiking season is here! (If it ever cools down.) This week we are going to Devil's Canyon to go on a difficult hike that offers cliff views and a secluded lagoon all deep in the Boston Mountains.

Trails are numerous across Arkansas with varying difficulties and unique sights so it's hard to figure out. Which one you may want to try. This week on adventure Arkansas we're taking you on a challenging trail to devil's canyon. It features cliff  views, a creek. a waterfall, and a lagoon. 

This trail is located north of mulberry, just off highway 215. We parked the adventure Subaru off the dirt road in a small cleared area and walked north and east. Over time the road becomes more narrowed but the majority is cleared. Towards the left you'll see breaks in the trees to the valley beneath you. There are a few scenic rocky bluffs for you to enjoy. You'll be about 1400 feet above sea level. As you continue, the path starts to go downhill a bit. 

After walking about 3/4 of a mile, you'll end up looking for a path on your left towards the west to take you downhill. I found two walking sticks at the opening. 

There is a hard way and an easier way. The first option takes you between rock walls and caves, but the footing is difficult going down. Take the path towards the right. After a steep decline, you'll end here, at devil's cayon. 

We had the whole place to ourselves. The creek above, which you can access, channels water from the hillside and lets it freefall into this secluded lagoon. You'll want to go after recent rain so the water is flowing and if you get lost you can follow the sound of the waterfall and get back on track. The water is crystal clear with all the rocks at the bottom and surrounding the basin. 

The trail is recommended for skilled hikers because of the rough terrain down to the lagoon. 

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