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Adventure Arkansas: Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

Fall is officially here and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with friends or family.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Fall is officially here and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with friends or family. One particular place that recently opened in 2020 and offers something for everyone is the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. On this week’s Adventure Arkansas, Meteorologist Michelle Trotter takes us there and shows us what Coler Mountain Bike Preserve has to offer.

Lori Reed is the site manager for Coler and says it's a community space that is a local asset. 

“But also draws people in from other communities to enjoy nature and enjoy the recreational aspects that we have here."

She says they have had someone visit from nearly all fifty states. 

"We have really noticed how far people are traveling to ride here since opening the campgrounds"

It's a unique place just a few miles from downtown Bentonville that offers an adventure for everyone either that be biking, hiking, walking, or just a place to relax with your friends and family. Even one-wheelers have been enjoying the preserve. 

The campgrounds make it easy for locals or for visitors who come from out of town to stay for the night after a long day of exploring. They have sixteen platforms that each provide a table, along with a fire pit. One of the greatest perks of the campgrounds is the brand-new sparkling clean bathrooms. 

The Coler Mountains Bike Preserve is truly a mountain biker's paradise. 

"Coler Mountain Bike Preserve has 17 miles of single-track trail ranging from beginner experiences all the way to free ride downhill experience.”

Don't worry if you aren't an expert just yet, there are programs offered at Coler to help you get there for all ages. The programs don't include biking, but nature walks mediation, and much more. 

It truly is a place to come relax and enjoy nature. 

“We have a cafe in the woods - Airship Cafe, which is hikeable, bikeable, any way you can get there to enjoy your coffee, or afternoon snacks, we have opportunities for walking your dog, trail running, for programming that ranges from campfire opportunities, all the way to skills clinics."

Sponsored by: Crabtree RV Center