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Adventure Arkansas: Parasailing Over Grand Lake

Colin and Sean went parasailing over Grand Lake in Grove, OK for this week’s adventure, and the views they caught were kinda insanely cool!

Colin and Sean went parasailing over Grand Lake in Grove, OK for this week's adventure, and the views they caught were kinda insanely cool!

Up up and away again! We are always about catching new air on Adventure Arkansas. This time, we take you along as we fly high hundreds of feet above Grand Lake.

Emma Reavis from Miami, OK experienced touching the sky over Grand Lake for the first time in a parasail. "It was awesome. It was like I was flying through a cloud, like I was in heaven!"

Mitch Whitehead and his wife co-own Sail Grand and have been taking adventurous folks like Emma and Michael parasailing for close to 20 years. "We fly all ages and sizes and everyone seems to love it. There's nothing better than having them come back with a smile on their face, enjoying the experience. That's really the best part of my job because everyone else really enjoys doing the parasailing."

After getting securely strapped in, Sean and Colin were ready to launch! Emma told them how high it feels. "I said it feels like 4,000 feet up there on the parasail, but I think it was more like 400 feet."

Mitch explains, "We got 600 feet of line, so you're gonna fly between 400 to 500 feet in the air depending on the wind and everything for that day."

Once Sean and Colin were all the way up, it was just silence as soaked up the sights over the 1300 square foot lake. The most thrilling part though, was when Mitch brought them back down.

"A lot of people love the unexpected dip of their feet in the water and then the rush of bringing them up. Kids of all ages they love that part of going back up. A lot of people love how calm and peaceful it is up there when you're flying."

Mitch says a lot of people try to hold on to something, but all you have to do is enjoy the breeze beneath your feet. "Just enjoy the view. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to have any experience. You don't have to have any physical strength. You just have to be open minded and have a great time."

And coming from a veteran adventurer like Emma, she says there's so much more time to enjoy the air. "Skydiving is like 60 seconds of fun, this is like awesome. Way more fun."

Parasailing at Sail Grand lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then on weekends through the month of September.


In addition to parasailing, Sail Grand also offers several varieties of jet ski and pontoon boat rentals, and even a yacht charter. To get in contact with Sail Grand, check here.

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