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Take a shopping road trip with 'Bargains Galore on 64' | 160 miles of yard sales along Highway 64

160 miles of yard sales, antiques, and collectibles are set up along Highway 64 from Aug. 10–12.

FORT SMITH, Ark. — The 24th annual Bargains Galore on 64 is taking place this weekend along Arkansas Highway 64.

From Aug. 10 to Aug. 12, 160 miles of yard sales, antiques, and collectibles will be set up along Highway 64. The sales will take place in Fort Smith, past Conway, and on to Beebe.

It’s the 24th year for Bargains Galore, with almost 20 different cities participating this time around.

Sande Prewitt and her husband, Bill, say they have been participating in the event as vendors for 12 years now, and their planning for this weekend begins far in advance.

“The things that are too big, or too little, or we don't want anymore … we put in the box and start stocking up for the next year,” Prewitt said.

Vendors say the yard sales started as a way to help families find affordable back-to-school clothes, and over the years, it has become a tradition that helps the whole community.

“[The clothes] are a lot less expensive, especially if they have multiple children,” Prewitt said. But she says it's not just good deals that draw people to the yard sales.  

“It also helps the city of Alma, it helps everybody, and in general, you save money, and have a good time," said Prewitt.

Small business owners in the area, like Kevin Baily, owner of Emerald Garden, a nursery right off Highway 64, says the event also brings them more business.

“It's actually brought the most people because I've only had about three people show up here in the past six months, and maybe one or two of them actually purchase from me,” Baily said. “Today has been the biggest day.”

Whether you're shopping for back-to-school clothes, browsing handmade art, or just looking for something unique, vendors say there's something for everyone.

“You can walk, walk, walk out here. You can leave when you want to, you can dress like you want to, and just have a good time,” Prewitt said.

For a full list of vendors, click here.

Yard sales are red, and vendor spots are in blue on this map:

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