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Fayetteville pastor looks back at Price Is Right win

Pastor Nathan Allen was a freshman at the University of Arkansas in 2006 when he joined a spring break road trip to California that would land him on TV.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark — Pastor Nathan Allen was a freshman at the University of Arkansas in 2006 when he joined a spring break road trip to California, where he waited in line starting around 4 a.m. to get on The Price is Right.

That wait paid off though, as Nathan found himself bidding on Contestants Row, face to face with host Bob Barker.

"Man, he was a professional. He would go to the edge of the stage, and it just became question-and-answer time with Bob Barker. It was like grandpa telling stories," said Allen.

After successfully bidding on a set of gold bars Nathan's luck took a turn for the worse.

"I had 10 chances to win the next contest. I think I had one of the worst performances ... I got everything wrong. I chose all the wrong prices," Allen said. "I was just thinking I could look out into the audience and hear what prices people are yelling ... No way. [The noise was like] being at a Razorbacks game."

Allen said "Before they cut away for a commercial break, Bob walked over, pulled out a card, and said 'I'm gonna give this to you because you're never gonna hear the end of it.' ... I still have that card."

Allen was able to get back in the game, moving on to the Showcase Showdown with the larger-than-life wheel. "That wheel is almost a ton, I mean, it's so heavy ... And so I just gave it a little tiny little nudge, and it didn't even go all the way around."

But his second spin was good, and he moved forward, where he won even more prizes. "I won a jewelry box that I proposed to my wife with, I got a car that I went on road trips across the country with ... I owe a lot to Bob Barker," said Allen.

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