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Michelle Trotter

Meet 5NEWS Meteorologist Michelle Trotter
Credit: KFSM
Michelle Trotter

Being born and raised in Houston, Texas, where there are only two seasons, basically hot and humid, Michelle is so excited to finally experience all four seasons, especially snow (*fingers crossed*), in Arkansas. 

While living in Houston, Michelle experienced numerous hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. One hurricane in particular that she remembers going through is Hurricane Ike. After cleaning up all the damage caused by Hurricane Ike and seeing how fascinating mother nature can be, that's when Michelle started to really fall in love with weather. 

In high school, she used to watch other meteorologists on the news and wanted to be that person on TV telling people the weather when she grew up. She pursued her dream of becoming a meteorologist by attending Texas A&M University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's in Science in Meteorology and a minor in Mathematics.  

Prior to moving to Arkansas, she worked at KWKT Fox 44 News in Waco, Texas for two years. Her favorite type of weather is severe weather, especially tornadoes. Whenever she gets a chance to storm chase, she is on it.  

When Michelle isn't working, you can catch her exploring around Arkansas, working out, watching sports, or hanging out with friends. If you have any recommendations for food or hiking spots, feel free to email her at michelle.trotter@kfsm.com. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.